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Funzmu SXIII 14 july GRAND OPENING !

Our old season6 server

[SIZE=5]The website[/SIZE]
funzmu website

- Premium powered Muonline Season XIII:
For the last few weeks we worked on stability, bugfixes, good working features and good settings.
However there are 1000+ settings to check and config, and there is still alot todo

Only together we can make a good server.
Please help us  so we can create the perfect server.


- Configed settings & drops, including ( new class ) growl lancer ancient items.
- Rare jewel drops at normal maps, proper jewel drops at events and special occasions

- Hosted on powerfull dedicated server for 24/7 uptime with a proper gameplay experience
- We paid hosting & licenses for over a year so no worries for commercial troubles
- We just want to play and have fun !


funzmu website

Till 7 july we use ingame settings, levelup the normal way and experience the game while we fix all bugs that occures during this process

After 7 july, we open up the good shops with all items to setup the perfect pvp !

Expected grand opening 14 July 2018

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