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New Realm Valhalla 500x Medium Rate Server

Valhalla Server Info:

Website :http://www.zhypermu.com/

The Valhala Server  is part  of The Zhypermu  Server 1 Account and you  can play  in both  Server


Exp: 500x
ML Exp: 100x
Max Resets: 20
500 Stats Per Reset Accumulative
2 Max Grand Reset Unique Feature Ascended & Exalted
Jewel Drop Rate: Default
Exe Items Drop Rate: Default
All Success Rate: Default
Full Options Huntable
No Cash Shop & Gears Donation!
Real Money Trade Allowed!
Gms & Staff will Never Interfere with Players!
100% Player Controlled Environment
100% Player Driven Economy

Some  more Info About  The  Server


1. Valhalla is now Open World Server Allowing Everyone to do Real Money Trade

2. Valhalla will Open Personalized Store for users to create his own store on website (Under Development)

* e.g http://www.nocturnal.zhypermu.com

* Your CharacterName.zhypermu.com will be your store address

* You will be able to setup your store put up your items and buyers will be able to buy items using real money (Using your payment options)

3. Drop Rates of Jewels has been set to default except for Jewel of Souls

* Jewel of Bless | Jewel of Life | Jewel of Chaos = Default Drop Rate

* Jewel of Soul Bit Higher Drop Rate as this is used for Resets

* Loch's Feather will only drop in Icarus this is default setup

* All Drop Rates has been set to default.

4. Game Masters only Duty is to Announce & Technical Support

* Game Masters will not interfere with any players buy/trade or transaction.

* Game Masters will not make any event that will include giving away event items.

5. Valhalla Server will only have following donation item:

* Any Wings +15 Full Options
* Any Acc +15 Full Options

6. GM Lootbox will not be available for donation, We want Valhalla to be pure player driven based economy so that players, marketers will have total control of the economy.

Big Update  on Valhala Server

We are introducing Ascended Class & Exalted Class

Valhalla Experience System:

Normal Level 1 - 400 = 500 Exp
Master Level 400 - 840 = 100x Exp

This means it will be harder to level up Master Level but when you reach max level you will be eligible to be Ascended Character and Exalted Character.

We have removed all master level in game and skill points so everyone will have fresh start with this new system we have put in place and everyone will start the race for Ascension or even up to Exalted!

New Experience Rate for Master Level is now 100x

You Can Reset Master Skill Points Free Anytime /clearmlskills

How to be Ascended Character?

When you reach 20 Resets and You Reach Max Master Level, Your Character will be eligible to get ascended items as follows:

1x Full Options A & D Wing
1x Package Complete Tier 2 Acc, 2 Rings & 1 Pendant Full Option + 13
1x Tier 1 Pentagram of your choice 4 Slot NO ERRTELS


These items cannot be obtained or created in game these special items can be obtained only by Ascended Characters.

Payment: 1,200 Jewel of Souls (50PCS of Bundle Soul+2 Inside Your Vault)

Your Base Stats & Resets will Stay 20rr and Max Master 440 will stay when you Ascend. You will not lose any stats.
After you get your reward and become Ascended Class you can stay maxed resets with max master level and enjoy your moment in Valhalla or....... If you are looking for more challenge and you want more glory for your character then you can become " Exalted " This is the last stage of our character rebirth.

Next Stage Exalted...

How to be Exalted Character?

* You need to be Ascended First by claiming your Ascension Items and paying 1,000 Souls for that items
* You need to go to website and click " Apply for Exalted Stage " When you click that, the system will reset your 20 resets, stats and master level and points. ( Your Reset will go back to 0 You will need to grind everything up again to be Exalted )
* After completing master level you will be able to claim Exalted Items in Website
* The System will check if you passed ascension and if you have finished leveling up your second stage of masters.

When are all completed the system will reward you the following:

1x Wing of Conqueror Full Options +13
3,000 Stat Points
Tier 2 Pentagram 4 Slot +13 NO ERRTELS (Kundun's Madness Blade) ( Binded to Account )
Gold Fenrir


These items cannot be obtained or created in game these special items can be obtained only by Exalted Characters.

Payment: 3,000 Jewel of Souls (125PCS of Bundle Soul+2 Inside Your Vault)

As you can see being exalted means you are armed to teeth with those end game items! and with the gold fenrir it will be the symbol of your pride, glory and achievement as gold fenrir can be obtained by Exalted Characters only, you cannot donate or make gold pet in game this is 100% exclusive for Exalted Characters.

Imagine riding your gold pet with pride and everyone looking at you as you have done the hardcore and players will be thinking twice to mess with you because they know you have 5,000 Extra Stats

There is no TL;DR version of this please read it all with patience


Q. Will i lose my reset and ml master skill and points if i become ascended chatacter?
A. No you will enjoy the ascended items with your max reset stats and max level ML and points

Q. Will i lose my reset and master level if i want to become exalted?
A. Yes you will lose your Resets, Stats & Master Level, You will need to Re Do Everything again to be Exalted Character.

Q. Can i just max my reset and max my master level and chose not to buy ascended items?
A. Yes absolutely your choice if you want to become Ascended or Exalted or just Commoner.

With this updates we dont expect a lot will agree but we are taking this steps as we want Valhalla to be unique and different from other 1 million servers out there.

Skills has been set to easy drop everyone can re skill fast.

Much Much  more  Will come  in few month



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